Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa

Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa

A Little About Me.

Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa is a lifetime entrepreneur that creates new concepts from the ground up. This is how he does things as a real estate developer as well. More than half a century ago, Pedro Fuentes began his career in business. He has built hotels, car dealerships, and other commercial properties. What connects these industries? On the surface, there isn't a lot going on. Pedro Fuentes, on the other hand, has one thing in common with all of these ventures: a deep love for them.

All of Pedro Fuentes' work is bound together by his enthusiasm, great business understanding, and charismatic leadership. Because of his commitment, his business has evolved into an exciting and worthwhile way of life. In Pedro Gilberto Fuentes Hinojosa's life, entrepreneurship has always been a way of life. Even as a child, Pedro Fuentes had a keen interest in business, and he was no stranger to putting in long hours.

He began his career as the owner of Auto Products, S.A. of C.V., a Ford dealership located in Insurgentes Sur, one of Mexico City's most prominent thoroughfares. An agency that dates back to 1936 was purchased by Pedro in the 1970s. Later, he established Ford Fuentes Interlomas, a new agency in Interlomas, west of Mexico City, which became the largest Ford distributor in the United States.

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